About Julie

Pretty early on in life, I knew my destiny was to help animals. From the age of 15 I was caring for sick and injured animals that I came across. You could say that my first love in life was animals. It became second nature to me to know how to properly treat animals as well as influence those around me on how to best care and respect animals. By educating owners on how positive methods get positive results, would in turn strengthen the relationship between both human and animal. It became my passion and mission in life to help them and from then on, I lived my life for animals.

My first job was kennel hand in a veterinary clinic and I was passionate about learning how I could physically help animals and worked my way up to be, and currently am, a Vet Nurse. During this time, I was introduced to pet behaviour and training. Again, I followed my heart and became qualified in Animal Behaviour.

I have felt like in life my animals have honestly saved me more than once by showing me acceptance, trust, loyalty, companionship and so much more when I needed it the most. To show my gratitude for animals and how they help us, I want to show you how you can understand your pet and amplify your relationship with them. My qualifications also extend to cats, rabbits and bird behaviours.

Beyond Beginners is not just relating to the animals but to you as a pet owner. Whether you are a new pawrent or have had your special friend in your life for many years, sometimes we need some guidance to move into the right direction. It would be my pleasure to work with you as seeking help from a behavioural expert is the Beginning to strengthening your bond with your animal and creating an everlasting positive relationship Beyond those puppy years.

I can help you with separation anxiety, loose lead walking, damage control, animal behaviours and the list goes on.