Behavioural Training

The tricky behaviours that we often misunderstand as naughty, stubborn, crazy or aggressive can be the effect of something deeper going on with the animal.

Behaviour modification can be a lot of hard work and take a long time but the results are very satisfying and very much worth it.

Beyond Beginners can help with:

  • Separation distress / anxiety
  • Anxiety, fear and phobias
  • Growling and biting
  • Lunging, barking and reactive behaviours
  • Problems in a multi-dog household
  • Guarding of food, toys, people etc
Behaviour modification can be a lot of hard work and take a long time but the result is very satisfying and very much worth it.
"Maisie came into my life at 14 weeks of age. It was only a few days before I realised not only that something was not quite right but also that she had not been properly socialised. Her behaviour was appalling and she wouldn’t listen to me. I’ve had puppies/dogs before but nothing prepared me for the significant damage this puppy did to my house and everything within it (including my nerves/patience). Also, taking her anywhere was a nightmare. She barked and lunged at any dog she saw. Puppy school was a nightmare – we were made to stand at one end of the surgery whilst all the other puppies were together down the other end. It was totally demoralising. The local dog school was no different … everyone gave us a wide berth. I tried so many different things but nothing worked, in fact it made it worse. I love Maisie but our relationship was strained and consisted of me yelling at her most of the time. I finally found a behaviour vet who diagnosed Maisie with severe anxiety. Medication only does so much though. We just couldn’t communicate and I was at my wit’s end. It wasn’t until we met Julie that we really turned a corner. In our home environment, Julie was able to see how we were both behaving and communicating. Through entirely positive methods, Julie took me back to basics and gave me the skills to communicate with Maisie in a way that she understands. It wasn’t long before Maisie started to listen to what I was asking her to do. She stopped wrecking anything and everything she could get her teeth into. We now have lovely and stress-free walks, visitors can come over without being nipped and jumped all over, and she’s just a much calmer and happier dog. I’m also a much calmer and happier human!!! Julie is a natural with dogs and can quickly analyse the root cause of an issue and the appropriate remedy. My life and Maisie’s life have completely changed since Julie started working with us and I really couldn’t recommend her services highly enough!!"
Diane and Maisie (german shepherd)