New Pets

It is essential to start your new pet’s life with you and your family on the right track. Beyond Beginners can help with:

  • Introducing a new pet into your family and home.
  • Introducing an existing pet to your new pet.
  • Helping younger members of the family.
  • Establishing good habits eg toilet training, digging, mouthing.
  • Advice on setting up safe sleep and play areas.
  • Help with rescue animals.
  • We can help with advice when choosing your next pet, including understanding which type, size, temperament is right for you, your family and your lifestyle. Purchasing a pet should never be an impulse decision.
"When I first contacted Julie, I wasn’t sure where to start when needing training for my brand new puppy. In particular wanting to walk better, not jump on people and every day behaviours like going toilet. The puppy training classes were a great way to have my puppy socialise within a safe space and work on responding to all I ask while distractions (of other dogs) were around. Julie took the time to explain the how and why our dogs behave a certain way and understanding their needs and helped fade out certain behaviours in a positive way."
Dominique and her dog Arabia